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New background image

New background image

WHAT ARE YOU DOING AUSTRIA. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING AND WHY IS IT SO... so.. INDECENT. What are you doing Austria. I thought we agreed to never wear stripper outfits bUt HERE YOU ARE.



It’s ok, you’re safe now.

For Rin.

Did he even have a chance? Gilbert was terrified as he drove towards the house. Trouble had hit this area of the world with money and he had to go spend a week at a friend’s to get everything back to normal. His closest friend, Annaliese didn’t have anywhere to go. As he left, she had called asking for help. Help he couldn’t give. He felt like shit for it. They had been friends for so long now and always swore he would be there. He gripped the wheel tightly then trying to keep calm. It was killing him. She had turned to Daniel for help. Daniel was a great guy but in a way, they both were fighting for the same goal. They both had a crush on Annaliese. Gilbert bit his inner lip hard then as he tried not to think about everything. She had to know. If he could have helped, he would have in a heartbeat! After everything they had been through, he owed her so much. He glanced over into the passenger seat. He had made a small cake that he knew she liked and gotten roses out of their garden as well. It was just five roses but he knew it would be enough. They all were right on the verge of blooming into their signature deep red. He had them wrapped in a wet paper towel with a second layer around that so they wouldn’t wilt on the way. Gilbert just had to know though. Was Annaliese mad at him for not being there?

He pulled into the drive and right then she opened the door. Her long dark hair was in its signature bun with a pencil or two stuck in it. Gilbert smiled then and got out with the box and flowers. She smiled and soon ran out.

“Gilbert! You’re ok now?”

“Yeah…. Are you?” She nodded and smiled.

“Daniel helped me so I’m slowly getting back….” Gilbert nodded a bit and she smiled.

“But he can’t help with my music block! Come on!” Annaliese grabbed his arm then and Gilbert smiled as they hurried into the house. She was so into music. She had many instruments kept in perfect condition all over the house. Most were collectables that he saw as they headed to the kitchen.

“So is Daniel here?”

“No he had to go talk with his boss. Said he might not come back tonight if things aren’t good.” Gilbert nodded and soon smiled.

“I can go check the bars later and make sure he gets home safe if you want.”

“Oh it’s ok. His boss said he would so I’ve got tonight to get rid of this block.” Gilbert just nodded and soon they were in the kitchen. She let him go and soon went to a cabinet. He saw the vase she wanted but it was too high. Gilbert smiled then and soon put everything down and walked over.


“Oh, not at all! Thank you.” She smiled then and Gilbert soon got it down. Anna gently hugged him and he just felt himself relax. She soon went over to the roses and started unwrapping them.

“Are these from that bush by your house?”

“Yeah, I remember you saying you liked them.” She nodded then as she got them in the vase perfectly. Her smile was making his head spin. She always did this to him.

“I do… I can’t get them this red here…. It must be the soil huh?”

“That’s what West said. You can get them pinker than we can though.” She nodded then and smiled.

“Mine just bloomed in fact. They’re gorgeous… but I love this shade of red. I wish we knew what made them so red.” Gilbert smiled then.

“I’ll ask west when I get home…. He’ll know.” She nodded and soon turned and placed them on the counter close by.

“Now… where to put them?”

“Why not in the music room? Scents can stimulate creativity.” She really smiled then.

“Perfect! That’s sound reasoning Gilbert! I’m impressed.” Gilbert chuckled a bit and soon shrugged.

“It can happen. I remember my boss used to have roses near us while I was practicing.” She nodded then and smiled.

“Can you still play?” Gilbert nodded and smiled.

“If you still have a violin.” Annaliese smiled then.

“When have I ever not had a violin Gilbert?” They both laughed a bit then and soon walked back to the music room. It was just down the hall but it was a huge room. He gently picked up the violin and bow as she went over to the piano and gently plucked the strings. It was in tune perfectly.

“Ok… come here. Maybe you can help.” He nodded and soon walked over. She had three sheets covered in marks whiteout on the stand on the piano. Gilbert understood it but soon got the violin ready. Annaliese watched him and soon he was playing it. It was rough in a few places but soon he got to the end.

“See? It’s not flowing….” He nodded and soon lowered the violin. She made room on the bench and he soon sat.

“You’re obviously distracted…. All the whiteout proves it.” She sighed then and nodded.

“I was worried and Daniel was always watching….” Gilbert nodded a bit. Annaliese didn’t like being watched when working. She never had even as a child. Soon he gently got a pencil out of her hair and he made a few changes. She watched closely and soon gasped.

“Oh my god….” He nodded and soon got up and got the violin ready. She nodded and soon he started playing. Annaliese watched him the whole time and he saw her tear up. He stopped then.

“Anna?” She nodded and he soon went close.

“Anna…. What… oh god why are you crying!?” He couldn’t help it then. He hugged her close and she hugged him back.

“I just…. God I feel so stupid! I was worried sick…. I was scared to call you or email you…. you looked so upset when you left….. Then it hit me…. now Daniel…” Gilbert smiled then.

“You were worried about me?”

“Yes you idiot!” She shoved him off then and glared at him.

“You left so suddenly and then I was scared to call you… I didn’t know if you were ever going to come back! Daniel told me…. he said you would but…. I just…” Gilbert smiled then and soon wiped away a tear.

“Anna, I would have come back no matter what. Someone has to be able to break your art blocks. Daniel couldn’t play to save his life after all.” She laughed then and smiled.

“You’re right…. I’m sorry…”

“It’s alright… but aren’t you and him…?” Annaliese stopped then and her face changed. Gilbert honestly thought she was going to cry again. Then a giggle escaped.

“You thought…. Oh god….” She fell apart laughing then and Gilbert just stared. Soon she calmed down and smiled.

“He’s too much like a brother to me right now and he knows it! That’s why he helped me! He knows how I feel.”

“Oh?” She nodded and smiled.

“Some red eyed violin playing devil has won me over.” Gilbert really smiled then and so did she.

“Oh really? Is that why he can break your block?” She nodded then and Gilbert just smiled.

“Then let’s do that ok? Then we can eat cake.”

“Oh god you brought one!?” Gilbert nodded and Annaliese lost it. All Gilbert felt was incredibly soft lips on his. Soon they were gone and Gilbert sat there stunned.

“Oh…. I am so sorry Gil! I just…” He smiled then and right then kissed her back shushing her apology.

“Did you hear me complaining?” She laughed then and he smiled. Soon he was helping her finish this score while snacking on the small cake. By the time Gilbert had to go back home, all he could think about was about how soft her lips had been the first time she had kissed him.

(Hello Miss Rin. I was the scared anon. Thanks for giving me the courage to send this in. I hope you like it. :) )


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I wouldn’t call it my “power” but my battle regalia does center around music and sound.
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I find it a bit short but I agree that it is cute.