Joining the swim club

Austria looked in one of the many mirrors in the girl’s dressing room.  With a deep breathe, she tied her hair in a ponytail, closed her locker, grabbed her towel and left the room.

While leaving it, she nearly ran into a tall, brown haired girl. Australia.   “Oh Entschuldigung!”, the Austrian girl apologised imminently. “No worries!”, Australia responded smiling. “Wait you’re wearing a swimsuit, does that mean we have a new member of our swim club?” She seemed very excited and Austria nodded.   “Oh wonderful! I have to tell Daniel the good news! C’mon!” Before she could even protest, Australia grabbed the girls hand and dragged her with her.                        

“Hey Daniel look who joined our swim club!”, Jackie yelled happy when they entered the swim hall.  

Hungary looked up and smiled when he saw Anneliese. “What a surprise!”, he said when Australia finally let go of the young lady’s hand. “Hey Daniel. You..have no problem with the fact that I’m joining you two, right?” Austria seemed to be a little bit nervous but Hungary and Australia both replied with a “Of course not!” They were both very happy to have a new member in their group.


Australia was the first to jump into the pool and swim some rounds. Hungary soon followed her but Austria just stood there in the non-swimmer area, where the water just got up to her shoulders and watched them. After a while, Hungary swam over to her and asked if everything was alright and if she didn’t want to swim a round with him.                                                                                                                        “Ehm…of course.”, she replied after a second and followed him in the swimmer area where the water was 2 meters deep.  The Hungarian boy started his round and finished the first half pretty fast and only stopped to check how far Austria was behind him, but when he turned around, it looked like the young woman was nearly drowning. She tried her best to stay with the head over the water. “Daniel, hilf mir!”, she cried in German, totally helpless. First he was confused but then he understood. Austria can’t swim! He swam over to her and helped her not to go down in the water. With his help, she could reach the ladder and both left the pool. Anneliese coughed a few times, her body trying to get the water that she had swallowed, out of her lungs. “Are you okay?”, Hungary asked worried. The girl nodded, still coughing. “What happened? Did you got a cramp in your leg?”           

Austria shook her head.  “It’s really embarrassing..” She looked down on the ground. “Anneliese, tell me, please.” Now, the Hungarian man was really worried. Australia had left the pool too by now and stood next to Hungary. “Hey, you’re okay Austria?” Again, the young lady nodded, still not looking up. “So what happened.”, Daniel asked again. “Well…I cant’t..” she sighted. “I cannot swim..”

There was a moment of silence and then, suddenly, both, Australia and Hungary started to laugh. Austria didn’t dare to look up to them. They probably were laughing about ho stupid she was, joining the swim club without being able to swim.

“You can’t swim? Why didn’t you tell me?”, Daniel asked laughing and a little bit confused.                                                                                        “I felt stupid for not being able to swim like everyone else!”, she shouted, now looking up to him. She was surprised that he stopped laughing and just smiled at her. Then he shook his head. “Anneliese, if you’d just have told me I wouldn’t have asked you to swim in the deep area! It’s okay that you can’t swim. Not everyone learns that in a young age. If you want to, I could teach you how to do it.”                      

“Really?”                                                                                                       “Yes.”

Hungary took her hand. “We can start right now, if you want to.”

She smiled, happy that he didn’t mock her for her stupidly and accepted his offer.

The next hour, Daniel tried to help Anneliese with her swimming technique and after she nearly drowned a few times, she managed to stay afloat (/over the water?) while swimming.                                          Australia left the pool to give them some privacy. They’re so cute together! , she thought after leaving the room.

A few months later, Austria won her first medal with swimming. On that they, Daniel kissed her for the first time.  

German Translation:

Oh Entschuldigung! = Oh Excuse me!/I’m sorry!

Hilf mir! = help me!

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Mister Austria! I-I came to drop by and give you a small cake I baked earlier, I do hope you enjoy it. ...Oh, wait. ... Erm... Miss..? .... I do apologise, have we met before? You look... very... familiar...


Why thank you very much, young Miss. 
Hmmm, I cannot say I have met you in the past but you do remind me of someone I know.

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Hey miss Austria, can you play any k-pop or J-pop songs?



Yes I can.





You don’t suppose it’s a bad thing, do you?

My people suddenly becoming very… loving of yours?


It’s just strange - tch, I’ll be leaving now.



Could I have a napkin, please?

Oh my, yes that is quite unfortunate.

But please, allow me.

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